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e believe in your brand. Whether you’re an outdoor apparel company, a law firm, a technology startup or an RV dealer, your brand has immeasurable potential to capture your audience’s imagination and drive the [purchase] behavior you want.

Great advertising and marketing are a dance of the left and right brain. The left brain governs strategy and focuses on audience demographics, media consumption habits, business metrics and back-end analytics. Marketing’s right brain focuses on the creative stuff. Design, message and pursuit of the heart.

We built our team to emulate this dance. Left brain, strategy and metrics lead the dance. While the right brain, design and message follow. Together, they waltz, they tango, they salsa and sometimes… they even dab.

Harper Beck was founded in 2012 by partners Abbie and Scott Trimble. We are based in Portland, OR and much of our team can be found here in Oregon, but our team also spans the globe, including members from Poland, Estonia and Greece.

We help our partners drive their bottom line by engineering more targeted, more resonant, more cognizant marketing. Want to take us for a test drive? Reach us here.

  • Abbie Trimble
    Abbie Trimble Co-Founder
  • Scott Trimble
    Scott Trimble Co-Founder
  • Zael Zura
    Zael Zura Chief Sales Officer
  • Kurtis Holsapple
    Kurtis Holsapple Development
  • Ellyn Groves
    Ellyn Groves Copywriter
  • Nate Berg
    Nate Berg Social Media
  • Alex Koscielniak
    Alex Koscielniak Designer
  • Anar Tuuksam
    Anar Tuuksam Designer
  • George Shubin
    George Shubin Video and Photography

Creating great advertising is the relentless pursuit of relevancy, connection, irony, juxtaposition, fear, and power.

Scott Trimble

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