Digital Advertising

for WA’s largest Jayco dealer

The Challenge


alley RV Supercenter is one of Washington State’s largest RV dealers, and the state’s highest-volume Jayco dealer. When Valley came to us, they had an extensive history in using Google Adwords to drive traffic to their website and were using an outside company to run their campaign. However, upon inspection by our team, we found that

Valley’s cost per click was through the roof, their click-through-rate was dismal, the traffic was failing to engage with the website and virtually nothing was being tracked. At the end of the day, Valley’s leadership could not tell if their paid search traffic was actually converting into visits to the dealership and RV sales. So, we set out to fix the problem and right the ship.

Our Solution

As is often the case, Valley RV’s previous Adwords campaign had to be scrapped. But, our first step was to analyze what had been done up to the time of our arrival, and unearth any campaign insight that we could subsequently use in our own campaign. Even campaigns that are run poorly can offer data that can be integrated into a more effective campaign.

After analysis, our next step was to cut the fat, scrap the old campaign and construct an entirely new campaign from the ground up. New keyword data, new audiences, newly structured ads, new creative and perhaps most importantly, new campaign tracking.

Our goals were 3-fold. Drive costs down, increase digital traffic to the dealership, and increase emails and phone calls directly to dealership sales staff.

  • Campaign Analysis

  • Cut The Fat

  • New Architecture

  • Execution & Iteration

The Results

As of the writing of this case study, our campaign has been responsible for over 2000 tracked and verified leads to Valley RV’s sales staff. Regional brand awareness has increased, Valley has experienced one of it’s best years in its history and has increased the budget it allocates to Google Adwords. It has been a true pleasure to work with Valley RV and adapt what was initially a drain on their marketing budget into a powerful, efficient sales tool.


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