Full-Service Marketing

for a legal startup

The Challenge


e love working with startups and the Elder Law College has exemplified everything we love in the startup space. Harper Beck has been with ELC from the start, from the very birth of the idea, to the fulfillment of the business’ vision. In a nutshell, ELC gives attorneys everything they need to add the practice of Elder Law to their existing firm.

Like many startups, the Elder Law College faced a problem – they had an idea, but required help in launching the business. This included development of the service, the channels through which it would be delivered, and the creation of a soup-to-nuts marketing plan for launching the newly founded company to its audience. Harper Beck assisted in all phases of the company’s launch and continued management.

Our Solution

Though this brief summary will undoubtedly result in a gross oversimplification of our  process, Harper Beck assisted Elder Law College in defining it’s service, goals, modes of delivery, identity, audience, marketing plan and sales process.

Our work has included traditional marketing initiatives including website design, lead generation and video production, while in addition, we had the opportunity to develop its online registration system and private student portal, through which, the invaluable ELC Elder Law Document Library, webinars, videos and monthly teleconferences are delivered.

Like our children, we don’t have favorite clients. But if we did, Elder Law College would be right at the top of of our list. It’s been a true pleasure working with ELC to build what we believe is a powerful, important service.

  • Branding & Identity
  • Website Design
  • Back-end Web Development
  • Video Production
  • Webinar Production
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Student Portal Digital Management
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