Digital Lead Generation

for Florida’s Largest RV Dealer

The Challenge


V World is Florida’s largest RV dealer and Harper Beck was tasked with reconstructing its digital advertising presence. At the time that we were hired, RV World had been working with another marketing firm, but leadership was not seeing the returns it thought possible. The issues the campaign faced were typical of the campaigns we step in on.

Click costs were far too high, ad copy was not optimized, ads were not geographically targeted properly, audiences were not bucketed as they should be and, generally speaking, none of the indicators that we look for in a successful campaign were there. In addition, the campaign’s results were not being properly tracked, so RV World was left in the dark.

Our Solution

Our first task was to analyze the existing campaign to gather any insight we could. Unfortunately, things had been run poorly enough, that virtually no data was transferable to our campaign.

We scrapped the entire campaign and began building a fresh, new campaign that would target the right audiences and deliver the right message, at the right time – increasing our clicks, our traffic, and ultimately, sales leads to RV World’s sales staff.

The Results

Since Harper Beck’s take-over of the campaign and with minimal budget allocated, we’ve delivered well over 100 leads to RV World’s sales staff every month. Costs per lead has continued to trend down, while leads produced continue to trend upward. While at the beginning of the campaign, RV World was ready to ditch Adwords as a channel, leadership has instead chosen to take budget from more traditional channels and increase dollars allocated to our campaign – effectively doubling it’s budget allocated to our campaign.


Average Leads/Month


% Drop In Lead Cost


% Conversion Rate Gain


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