Search Engine Optimization

for Seattle’s premier law firm

The Challenge


e won’t waste your time pontificating over the importance of a strong presence in the search engines. You’re here, so it’ll suffice to say that the power that great search rankings can have on any business can be dramatic. Premier Law Group initially came to us with a problem.

They had been working with another SEO company for over 2 years and had seen marginal results. One of the first things we tell our clients is that search engine ranking results (and the subsequent traffic they generate) take time. But Premier was convinced that 2 years had been long enough and was looking for another option.

Our Solution

In our initial analysis, the reasons were evident why the previous search engine optimization campaign had been unsuccessful. As is often the case, virtually all of the strategies that are commonly accepted “best practices” had been ignored. Local citations were a mess, external linking was minimal and the overall architecture of the website’s content and navigation were unaligned with their ranking goals.

We immediately went to work, fixing hordes of citations, amending internal local SEO issues, suggesting new content structures and embarking on an ambitious link-building campaign.

The Results

Our goal with Premier from the start has been singular – to increase targeted traffic to the firm’s website, thereby increasing inquiries to the firm (via email and phone) from prospective clients.

As mentioned above, it’s typical for search engine rankings to take time. At ~9 months into our current campaign, results have been outstanding. Search traffic to the Premier Law website is up 65% and inquires from prospective clients are also up month-over-month. What the previous company couldn’t do in 2 years, Harper Beck accomplished in 9 months.


% Growth Organic Traffic


% Decrease Bounce Rate


% of Total Traffic

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