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The Challenge


There is nothing more powerful than a belief in what our clients do – and the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College has created a service, a platform and a community that we truly believe in. The mission of the Trial Lawyer’s College, founded by famed lawyer Gerry Spence, is to train plaintiff lawyers to be more effective in the courtroom. To communicate more powerfully with juries and be better equipped to achieve justice for their clients.

Trial Lawyer’s College came to Harper Beck with one goal – to get more attorneys to their series of national seminars. With a desire to serve and grow the college and serve a larger audience, they tasked HB with the role of generating more awareness of the TLC brand among their target audience, generating more interest in their program and most importantly, generating more attendance to their events (ie. more asses in seats).

Our Solution

Our approach to achieve Trial Lawyer’s College’s attendance goals has influenced every corner of its marketing strategy. From TLC’s underlying message and brand identity, to its email, social media and traditional advertising campaigns, Harper Beck has helped increase the College’s exposure and engagement among its targeted audience, and most importantly, attendance to its events.

Our campaign has involved the development and execution of organic social media strategy, Facebook advertising, a robust email marketing campaign, print advertising in industry periodicals, video production, the production of a popular lawyer podcast, faculty and alumni interviews for ongoing content creation, the architecture of the TLC event sales funnel, lead generation with both social media and Google’s Adwords advertising platform and more.

  • Strategic Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Podcast Production
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Sales
  • Video Production
  • Print Design

The Results

Over the time TLC has worked with our team, event attendance has grown more than any other time in it’s 20+ year history. With more than 8 events each year, sell-outs have become the norm, events and venues have been expanded to adjust for increasing seminar sizes and TLC’s brand awareness has exploded among its target audience. Long story short, Harper Beck delivered on more asses in seats.

UPDATE: As of this writing, our latest Trial Lawyer’s College event – the Opening Statement Seminar held in Newport Beach, CA, has broken all previous attendance records with a sold out (oversold by 25%) crowd.


# Sold Out Events


# Leads Generated in 4 Weeks for 1 Seminar


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